Kenya Kegwa PB

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Our first Kenyan coffee of the year!
Kegwa is a peaberry (a natural mutation that occurs inside that coffee cherry that results in a single round seed, rather than the two semi-ovals shape seeds we get from standard coffee cherries) and bursting with flavor.

Kegwa hails from the Kiaragana Coffee Factory, in the Ndia division of Kenya.
The factory is receiving assistance from Dorman's partner, Coffee Management Services (CMS). The long term goal of CMS is to increase coffee production through farmer training, input access, Good Agricultural Practice seminars, and a sustainable farming handbook updated and distributed annually. Dorman's wish is to establish a transparent, trust based relationship with the farmer, helping to support a sustained industry growth in Kenya, whilst bringing premium quality to customers, and premium prices to the farmers.

Efforts like these are opportunities we're excited to be a part of and invest in.

When drinking Kegwa, look for black currant, caramel, raspberry, and a bright, punchy acidity.

Country : Kenya
Processing Method : Washed
Variety : SL-28, SL-34
Altitude : 1,700 MASL