Perimeter - Espresso


Perimeter is our additional year-round espresso offering to compliment Symmetry.

Perimeter is for those of you who enjoy a little darker of an espresso than Symmetry, while not compromising on quality nor stepping into burnt, bitter roast flavors.

Perimeter is designed to provide a very full shot, pivoting around heavy chocolates, low acidity, and faint fruit notes.
It performs wonderfully with milk drinks larger than 8 ounces, but can also be enjoyed as a very smooth and full bodied americano.
Perimeter is also a choice by several of our clients to offer as drip coffee, lending a heavy bodied cup with flavors of high % dark chocolate and lingering roast tones.

Preferred espresso recipe:
19g In / 42 g Out in around :27 - :29 Seconds.

Drip Coffee:
1g : 15.5g Ratio (Coffee : Water)
Perimeter brews well in any brewing device, from pour-overs, to french press, to coffee machines.

Country / Origin : Rotates seasonal throughout the global harvest schedule.

(We roast coffee on Monday's & Thursday's, and ship them the day after.
Order's must be received by midnight prior to a roast day to make it into the next day's roasting production)