Volume #1.0


The Volume Series is an idea we conceptualized from the beginning of our company to create an offering that is consistent in flavor and profile throughout the entire year, yet highlight fresh crop coffees as they rotate through our program in ebb and flow with global harvesting schedules.
It maintains consistency in flavor throughout each series, yet captures the excitement of fresh-crop arrivals throughout each season.

The profile we set for Volume is to be a full bodied coffee with chocolates throughout, nut, and fruit tones lingering in the finish. As with all of our coffees, sweetness still maintains highest priority in Volume.

For Volume #1.0 we've blended a washed Colombian with a Natural Processed Burundi to create a cup of smooth chocolate, almond, and dark berry.

Brew it on a V60, french press, coffee pot, anything! It's a very versatile coffee across a wide spectrum of brewing devices.

Country : Colombia / Burundi
Region : NariƱo / Kayanza
Processing Method : Washed / Natural
Cultivars : Colombia, Caturra / Bourbon

(We roast coffee on Monday's & Thursday's, and ship them the day after.
Order's must be received by midnight prior to a roast day to make it into the next day's roasting production)